High Viz for Horse and Rider

High Viz for Horse and Rider

HI VIZ    


BHS: We strongly recommend all riders wear fluorescent/reflective clothing (better known as hi-viz) whenever and wherever they ride. It should be worn at all times when riding out, regardless of the time of day, season or weather conditions.

ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents): All riders should wear high visibility (fluorescent and reflective) garments when riding on the road.

Insurance companies: Some will offer better premiums or benefits to riders if wearing hi-viz clothing when they ride out .

There is no law that states riders must wear this equipment.

There is no law that says garments must conform to any standard.


Products can only be submitted for testing if they meet the minimum requirements.

These are:

Incorporate a total of at least 0.32 of visible fluorescent material and 900 cm² of visible reflective material

Materials can be applied as a number of bands or panels but these must be distributed reasonably evenly around the whole garment.

Fluorescent material can be yellow, green, orange, red or pink including a combination of these

No piece of fluorescent material can be less than 50 mm (2 inches) wide, and reflective material less than 25 mm (1 inch) wide

No single piece of reflective material can be smaller than 25 square centimetres in area which is equivalent to a strip about 1” x 4” or a 2” square

If a garment has sleeves, there must be at least one reflective panel/band on each sleeve.

In many cases it is not possible to submit Hi Viz wear for testing as they do not meet the minimum requirements, this does not mean they are not fit for purpose or do not provide adequate Hi Viz properties

The European Standard for high visibility garments for non-professional use is BS EN1150 or EN1150 and this is aimed at use by leisure riders (See over)

Companies are breaking the law if they sell their products as ‘safety garments’ when they do not conform to any recognised standard

The term Hi Viz does not infringe any trading standards or laws.


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